Compared with other lithium ion phosphate batteries we have tested, the Voltronix products are of better quality than the others.
Michael Simon
President & CEO - TransPower

BMW 1969 Model 2002 (Plug-In Electric)

Long Beach, CA
Products Used: 32 Voltronix LFP160AHA, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion; year converted to Voltronix: July 2009

Originally installed flooded lead acid batteries, but the customer had to replace the lead acid every 2-4 years and with the reduced weight using the Voltronix Lithium Ion cells, the range was increased without a single cell failure since 2009. Voltronix Lithium Ion batteries are clean and can also be installed sideways for custom applications. This application has batteries in the engine compartment and in the trunk in two racks, replacing the spare tire and gas tank. Replaced Lead Acid batteries with 32 Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries, 14 in trunk, 18 in engine compartment.